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This is phetishskin - an artistic project dedicated to a personal exploration of latex fetish through digital art.


I paint beautiful women in erotic scenes, featuring heavy rubber, gas masks, medical latex, and bondage.

My works are light on nudity, concentrating more on eroticism and exchanges of power.

As far back as I can ever remember I have dreamed dreams of claustrophobic rubber masks, shiny latex, corrugated tubing, mysterious machines and beautiful, powerful women performing strange rituals and medical procedures. I thought I was alone in my desires and for many decades held in those thoughts and repressed my fantasies. I still dreamed vivid dreams and felt desires but had no outlet.

As a professional artist and designer I made vanilla works and worked on many respectable creative projects.


But nothing in the real world scratched the itch.


It was an itch that gnawed at the back of the mind, triggered by a flash of a slick, shiny, silky surface, the scent of rubber or the sounds of breathing. Every day, without fail, all my life. And every night in that place where dreams come, I would fleetingly find myself in dark corridors, witness to and subject to the strange, delicious pleasures where gender dissolves and only sensation and desires take hold.


After years of wanting to express this side of me I created phetishskin - an anonymous persona to allow me to explore my dreams and desires without restraint.

Welcome to my journey into the dark and erotic.

Into the Darkness

By throwing off the restraints even I have been surprised at the places that my imagination has gone.


Images of darkened rooms, tight restraints, beautiful women and strange rituals have risen to the surface in my consciousness and guided my hands to paint them.

210418 She Asked for Solitude feat Miss Nikki.jpg
211205 Intimacy.jpg

Exchanges of Power

Each of my paintings depicts an exchange of power - either between the figures in the scene or between the viewer and the women reaching out from the painting, challenging them to enter their world.


Safe, sane and consensual, always but I aspire to fill my works with as much of the trembling sense of anticipation and excitement that comes by relinquishing all control to another through erotic play.   

211115 The Dressing Room 04 - Long Nurse Dress.jpg

Latex Fetish

I don't know where it came from - perhaps a combination of childhood experiences and traumas that I have integrated and sexualised? Maybe.. I'll never know.


After years of suppressing such thoughts and desires I have chosen to embrace all of them and explore all of my fantasies, unrestrained through my works. 

211115 The Dressing Room 04 - Long Nurse Dress.jpg
210805 Miss Velour.jpg

Portraits & Collaborations

In the short time I've been creating these works I've been overwhelmed and genuinely moved by the warm reception I've received from so many intelligent, creative and supportive people who share similar desires.


In return for the generosity and encouragement shown by the gorgeous Miss Velour I painted a special portrait for her. In addition, Mistress Sidonia of The English Mansion featured my work on her blog so I was moved to paint her portrait, and later, collaborate once again on a triptych featuring Mistress Sidonia and some of the wonderful ladies at The Mansion.


Right now, I am letting my mood dictate how things progress but I'm open to suggestions for collaborations.

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