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What's your desire?

While this is my own exploration into fetish art I am more than happy to undertake private commissions when I have time to spare.


I am currently working on some comprehensive commission guidelines but in general:


  • Artwork subject matter should be in line with my works in my existing portfolio (erotic latex fetish featuring humans)


  • I'm happy to draw some nudity but things that are too explicit don't interest me (and there are plenty of other artists out there that do that stuff already)


  • I'm not prepared to draw stuff that's illegal, immoral, non-consensual or just plain icky so just don't ask


  • I am a professional artist IRL and price my work per hour so that I can scale the cost based on the complexity of the art (number of characters, complexity of poses, researching outfits, backgrounds, props and painting likenesses all take time.) 

  • And on the subject of portrait work - I want to make sure a get likeness 100% for the scene you'd like to see - so if that is the case expect me to ask for some good photo reference to work from (or at least point me to a social media profile with plenty of pics) - I don't want you fantasy to look a bit like you, I want it to BE you - it's really important to me that you can see and feel yourself 100% in the fantasy I create for you

    As a rule of thumb this works out to be around £20GBP per hour with most works taking minimum 4-6 hours with more complicated scenes adding to the time spent (for example the Neon_Noir POV piece took approximately 12-14 hours).  But please get in touch, let me know what you're thinking and I'm sure we can work something out - I want to make sure that if you're hiring me you're going to be really happy with the final piece.

Neon_Noir's POV

Commission for Neon_Noir from FetLife depicting their vintage latex nurse superhero fantasy

Neon_Noir's POV

Portrait of Mistress Michelle Lacy

Commissioned by drponybatbond from FetLife as a tribute to his Mistress

Mistress Michelle Lacy and her Ponies
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