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The English Mansion Triptych

Back in September 2021, Mistress Sidonia of the English Mansion discovered my artwork and wrote this lovely blog post showcasing my work.

To thank her for this kind act I decided to paint her portrait, choosing to depict her in the Mansion's dungeon in one of my favourite outfits of hers.

Suffice to say, Mistress Sidonia loved the tribute and we stayed in contact since.

Then in August 2022, wishing to push myself into doing something a bit different I got back in touch suggesting a collaboration. Ms Sidonia thought it was a great idea and suggested the piece include some of the other dommes at the Mansion, particularly those with a rubbery side to their work.

I thought that was a good idea but quickly thought that to depict the Mansion and its host of lovely ladies my usual portrait format for my paintings (chosen because it fits well on my drawing tablet and is the optimum aspect ratio for Instagram and my prints) was too small to contain what I wanted to do.

So, in the end I decided to paint a Triptych - three paintings to be displayed side-by-side, each featuring at least two of the Mansion's ladies, with the centrepiece, naturally featuring Mistress Sidonia herself.

I laid out the image as a panoramic scene but divided that into 3 panels so I could paint the whole image at once but confident that each individual panel would be itself an image that would stand up on its own.

As regards who got to be in the piece, that came from Mistress Sidonia's suggestion of Princess Aurora & Mistress Courtney.

I knew I wanted to depict Ms Sidonia herself in the central panel, accompanied by Dominant Dolly who is very much Ms Sidonia's partner-in-crime in some of the Mansion's scenes.

Finally I chose two of my other favourite ladies from the Mansion in the form of Zara DuRose and Mistress T.

Painting the work took a little longer than normal - I was, after all painting 3 times the area, and I really had to manage the number of layers in the Clip Studio document as I painted to stop my tiny little Samsung tablet from grinding to a halt.

With the piece done, Mistress Sidonia premiered the work on her blog in November 2022, including special video that I had created to show the painting progress, and I revealed the three individual paintings over the course of three days.

All-in-all, a wonderful experience, and the reactions from my followers and the ladies depicted in the piece were great to see.

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